E-Pillar Engineering services is equipped to offer the following services in the field of electrical energy Generation, transmission and distribution.

Substation Pre-designing

We are doing for Drawing review, Battery Sizing, CT/VT sizing & Relay Setting Calculation

Testing & Commissioning

we are doing for Testing and commissioning of substations up to 415V to 400kV

Substation Maintenance

Annual Maintenance of Substation Equipments

Our Skills

Electrical Design




Relay setting




Our Engineers Experience With Following Projects

Project-1: Construction of new 400kV Misfah Grid station.

Project-2: Construction of new 400kV Jahloot Grid station.

Project-3: 220/132kV Hamriya Heights Grid station.

Project-4: 3X20MVA Sultan Qaboos University Primary Substation.

Project-5: : 2X20MVA Salalah Port Primary substation.

Project-1: KAHRAMAA Phase-8 400/220/66/11kV Saliyah super Substation.

Project-2: KAHRAMAA Phase-9 66/11kV Khalifat Substation.

Project-3: Qatar Phase-10 132/11kV Barzon camp-1 Substation.

01. Testing and Commissioning of 220KV GIS at Penkonda Andhra Pradesh.... Client: M/S. KIA Motors

02. Testing and Commissioning of 700MW 3-unit at Bellari Thermal Power station at Kudicini.... Client: M/S. KPCL

03. Testing and Commissioning of 2X 11KV substation at Anupuram Kalpakkam.... Client: M/S. DAEGSO

4. Testing and Commissioning of 100 MW Solar Power Plant at Kayataru Tamil Nadu . Client M/S. NLC

5. Testing and Commissioning of 110/33kv Switch yard solar Power Plant at Karnataka. Client M/S. KPTCL

6. Testing and Commissioning of 60 MW Solar Power Plant at Karnataka. Client M/S. KPTCL

7. Testing and Commissioning of 66/33kv Switch yard solar Power Plant at gujarat. Client M/S. GPTC

8. Testing and Commissioning of 30MW Solar Power Plant at Karnataka. Client M/S. KPTCL

9. Testing and Commissioning of 4MW NTPC Solar/Wind Power Plant at Karnataka. Client: M/S. NTPC

10. Testing and Commissioning of 5MW Solar Power Plant at Gummudipoondi, Chennai. Client: M/s SRF

11. Testing and Commissioning of 25MW Solar Power Plant, Nargund at Karnataka. Client : M/S. KPTCL

12. Testing and Commissioning of 30MW Solar Power Plant at Kabbali, Mysore, Karnataka. Client:M/S. KPTCL

13. 1MW Solar Plant Testing and commissioning, Devasamudram, Karnataka ... for Client: M/S. KPTCL

14. 33kV Substation in DELHI Metro Rail Corporation (VIOLET LINE).


16. 132/33/6.6kv substation, palletizing plant in TATA Steel, TATA Nagar.

17. 2X350MW GPPC, kovaya, Gujart for M/S Sigma Construction.

18. Preparation of Documents Related to Testing Activities.

19. 28MW Solar Plant Testing and commissioning, ILKAL, Karnataka ... for Client: M/S. KPTCL

20. Metro Power Station Testing, Hyderabad Metro ... for Client: M/S. TATA

21. 33/11kv Power Substation Testing, Delhi ... for Client: M/S. DTCL

22. 33/11kv substation Relay setting Calculations for 18 Plants at Chhattisgarh for Client : M/S. BHEL

23. 110/66kv substation commissioning work at Orissa

24. GAIL Plant relay testing works at Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.Client: M/S. GAIL

25. 200Mw Solar Plant Relay Testing and commissioning work, Ananthapur, Andhra Pradesh for Client: M/S. TATA Power

Factory Testing of Control and Relay Panel @ SIEMENS factory, Kalwa works, Mumbai.

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