Our Services

We are providing high Qualified Engineers & Skilled Technicians for Testing and commissioning of substation, Quality testing,

Relay setting calculation, Designing/Drafting works using AutoCAD

Testing of current transformer

Insulation Resistance

Winding Resistance

Knee Point Voltage

Polarity Test

Ratio Test

Testing of voltage transformer

Insulation Resistance

Winding Resistance

Polarity Test, Ratio Test

Testing of breakers

Insulation Resistance

Contact Resistance

Open / Close Operation Timing & Current

Breaker Operations (Manual & Electrical)

Testing of protection relays

Differential protection

Distance protection

Bus bar protection

Backup protection

Testing of power transformer

Insulation Resistance

Winding Resistance

Vector Group Test

Magnetizing Current

Magnetic Balance

Short Circuit Current

BDV Testing

Ratio Test

Testing of panels

GIS Control panel

Switch gear Panels

Control Panels

Relay Panels

LVAC & DCDB Panels

RTCC & OLTC Panels

MCC, PMCC & LDB Panels

Cables & busbar

Insulation Resistance

Contact Resistance test

High Voltage test

Relays our engineers handled




Easun Reyrolle