Company Profile

E-Pillar Engineering services are a beginner to the business field with experienced professional and fresh energy.

We believe that our knowledge and fresh energy will do the better in the services.

We started the business this year(2016) in India (Chennai).

We are well trained, motivated people and our principle is that work hard that is available,
at the best price, to deliver maximum support to the client.

Team of E-Pillar

Engineers & Skilled Technicians

• We are Doing for Testing and commissioning of substation.

• We can work up to 415V to 400KV in commissioning of substations.

• We supplying Manpower (Engineers) for Pre-designing activities of Substations like Drawing review, Battery Sizing & CT/VT sizing

Relay setting calculation

• we are Doing relay setting calculation and co-ordination using ETAP

• ETAP is the most comprehensive analysis platform for the design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power system.

Annual Maintenance of Substation Equipments

• We are providing Annual Maintenance of Substation like Transformers, Circuit breakers, Relays and Switch gear panels.

• We have Highly trained persons with live stations.

• With in the limited period time we will complete the work.

panels Factory Quality testing

• E-Pillar Engineering Services team with you to integrate quality control systems that ensure product quality and cost efficiency.

• We design real-time quality verification systems that meet security demands and government regulations.

• Our integrated solutions help your company respond to business initiatives throughout the plant.